Sunday, May 15, 2011

Butter London, Victoriana

It seems like Blogger is finally ironing out most of the kinks!  I've been back up in Philadelphia with my family for the long weekend, and I am really enjoying the time back at home.  I dragged Warren to check out Bean's Beauty earlier today.   I am not sure what I think about beauty stores that aren't supply stores.  They carry everything at full price but stock EVERYTHING you might want.  It's kind of torture when you want everything.  They even carried Deborah Lippmann!  I got to a peak at some of the lovely new shades that I will be grabbing this week when I return to DC.

During my swatch-fest earlier this week I tried out Butter London's Victoriana.  I didn't realize how nice of a brand that Butter London was until I started obsessively reading nail blogs in my free (and not so free) time.  Butter London polishes are all 3-Free, and come in a very distinct rectangular prism-shaped bottle.  Most of the polishes have crafty British themed names, which make a lot of the names pretty memorable.  The black top, shown in the 1st picture, pops off to reveal a rather small ribbed grip with a little royal bird on top.  The grip is a little small for my taste, but Victoriana more than makes up for this with its formula.

2 coats Victoriana, no top-coat, natural light

 Victoriana is a medium green-blue creme with fine gray-silver glitter throughout.   Even with the small handle and a brush that is slim in comparison to most, the polish is very easy to apply.  When you place the brush on your nail the polish stays exactly where you put it and applies extremely evenly.  Opacity can be achieved in 1 coat, but I did 2 for no real reason.  The silver glitter is actually a little gritty if you run your finger over the polish, but it's definitely not that offensive glitter that ruins a lot of polishes.  Even if you wanted to retain the dusty look of the polish by skipping a top coat, you won't be bothered by the unique texture of the polish.  I am very pleased with Victoriana and would recommend it to people interested in trying out the brand.  These polishes run $14 a pop, so definitely try to grab them through a discount!

2 coats Victoriana, no top-coat, shade
cute birdy

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