Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Mani Turned Monochromatic French Mani

Hello!! Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. I've spent much of mine getting some work done and today I went dress shopping for a wedding, which was fun (minus the part about not finding a dress). Today - I turned my Wet & Wild mani into a monochromatic french mani, and wanted to share!

(glad I took a pic of this - looks like I have some clean up to do on my cuticles!!)

I noticed some tip wear earlier today and was SO eager to either take the polish off entirely or do SOMETHING to touch it up. And when I was having dinner with my mom, our waitress's mani (below) inspired me to paint on some tips.

I used a SUPER old Sally Hansen I had in my stash. There isn't even a name on this polish bottle, but it looks like a deeper red and applied like a berry color. I'm eager to try this polish as an entire nail but I was pretty stoked with the look. It is very subtle but different - and most importantly, no more tip wear to drive me NUTS!

Do you have any cool french mani color combos? I am eager to keep using this trick to cover up any premature tip wear.

Sony T

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