Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lex Cosmeticcs: Atlantic, Abbey Street, and Cayman Cabana

On Saturday I got a lovely package from Lex containing Atlantic, Abbey Street and Cayman Cabana.  Last night as part of my "no more fun colors Mon-Fri pity swatch fest" I lovingly applied each of these beauties.
Cayman Cabana, Abbey Street, Atlantic
The bottles on these remind me of the Essie bottle, but prettier.  They have a thin brush but it is the perfect stiffness to compliment the smooth formula on the polishes.  No dragging, no patchiness and only 2 coats on each of these gems.  As an extra bonus they're 3 free!  I had an interesting first day at work and was feeling a polish purchase coming on and it took most of my will power to avoid buying a dozen of these.  To satisfy the purchase urge I went over to Nordstrom and grabbed Estee Lauder's Rosa Rosa.  I'm feeling better now. 

2 coats Atlantic, 1 coat OPI top coat + artificial light
Atlantic is a "dark dusty blue-green" creme.  It really reminds me of the ocean and applies like a dream.  I went on to top it off with Nubar 2010 and it reminds me of a mermaid.  That may have been due to the mermaids in the new Pirates movie.  On the one hand nothing about this color screams unique, but I have nothing like it and I need this in my life.  Even if I found a color dupe, I doubt anything would have such a perfect formula.

Cayman Cabana
2 coats Cayman Cabana, 1 coat OPI top coat + artificial light
Cayman Cabana is a little more green IRL than the above picture seems to indicate.  I would describe it as a minty sea foam green creme.  It makes me want to go on vacation somewhere tropical.  Just like the other polishes application was a breeze.   

Abbey Street
2 coats Abbey Street, 1 coat OPI top coat + artificial light
Abbey Street is a frosty finishing almost navy blue creme.  It is opaque in 1 coat, but as I've mentioned I'm prone to needing 2 coats.  This picture is pretty true to the bottle color - gorgeous isn't it?  I've been pretty thrilled with the whole light box thing.  I know natural light is best, but this looks pretty lovely to me.

One of the greatest things about this polish is the story behind it.  Each polish is designed by someone like you and I.  Every time you buy a bottle, $1 of the $10 price tag goes to the charity of the designer's choice.  Great polishes going to great causes!  These can be purchased here.  

Are all of these polishes this great?  Which one should I try next? 

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