Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Georgetown Haul and An Orange Comparison

Hey everyone!  Last weekend I dragged the boyfriend out in Georgetown to enjoy the nice weather....ehem...I mean to go on binge polish purchases in Urban Outfitters, Sephora and Mac.  He's always a good sport about it no matter how absurd my polish happens to be getting.  Pictured below are the gems that I am quite excited about.  From left to right we have Illamasqua Gamma; Urban Outfitters Barstool (yes, that's the new big boy bottles that they are carrying now); Urban Outfitters Afterhours; the two tall ones are Knock Out but I have no idea what the colors are yet since they were missing the boxes; in front of those is Mac Nightfall; and last but not least is Illamasqua Radium.  I grabbed the two Illamasqua's from Sephora and they were full price, but I needed to try Illamasqua.  Urban Outfitters had a special on their new bottles and I got them 2 for $8.  The Mac polish was again full price, but I had been really curious to try one out.  The steals of the day are definitely the Knock Out polishes.  I will post swatches soon, but they are beautiful mattes that normally retail for about $19 each.  They were online returns so I got them for $4.99 a piece!  I figure that balances out the more expensive purchases I made.
I haven't done any full swatches at this point except for Illamasqua Gamma.  I paint a sample of each polish I get on a nail wheel so that I can keep track of the 200 + polishes that I am hoarding in my IKEA helmer.  Anyways, I couldn't help but notice that from across my orange nail wheel that one of my favorite OPIs looked remarkably similar to Gamma.  Now that I have done some swatching comparisons I realize that they are not at all similar.

OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?  Is from this year's Texas Collection, which introduced the "sorbet" finish.  The "sorbet" finish is really just a fancy name for jelly polishes.  They can call them whatever they want, because I adore the "sorbet" part of the collection - particularly this beautiful bright orange.  Of the entire collection, this polish is by far my favorite.  This color features the new pro wide brush and like all of OPI's new polishes is 4-free. The first coat (pictured right below) is a very translucent, true orange.  The polish builds up really well.  I've included pictures up to 4 coats so that you can see how it builds!  Finally, because it's a jelly it gets a lot more intense in natural light.  Note: I didn't use top coat for these swatches, but last month I wore this as a mani with Seche Vite on top.  It adds an extra dimension of shine, and the mani lasted 5 days with no signs of wear!

OPI - Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? One coat, indoors.

2 coats, indoors

3 coats, indoors + natural light
4 coats, indoors + artificial light
Then we have Illamasqua Gamma from the Spring Toxic Nature Collection.  It is an extremely bright, almost neon, orange.  It paints on like a jelly-creme hybrid polish.  I reached full opacity in 2 coats.  It dries with a slightly shiny matte finish (AKA a satin finish).  Now that I see these polishes side by side, OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? has a lot more red in it than Gamma.  OPI's jelly finish also makes it very different than Gamma.  Both polishes are a breeze to apply and I will be holding on to both.  Here is a shot of Gamma at 2 coats, and a side by side comparison.
2 coats (no top coat) + natural light
Left: 2 coats Illamasqua Gamma; Right: 4 coats OPI YCBNYH
I've been hoarding orange polishes lately.  Must be the weather?  Enjoy!


P.S. Sorry for the picture quality!  I promise my future pics will be less blurry and more color accurate.

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