Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Essie: Braziliant

As soon as I saw Essie's new summer collection online, it was love at first sight, even without seeing the polishes in person. I literally want EVERY SINGLE ONE. But for some reason, they have eluded me and I can't find them anywhere (which only makes me want them more). One glorious day at work last week, Shbecky called me and informed me she had spotted a few of the new Essie's. I got so excited, my coworkers must have thought I was nuts. Shbecky picked me up some love Braziliant and Absolutely Shore. Since Braziliant looks so much different in person than online, I decided to swatch that one first. In the bottle it is a lovely coral-y/orange with a definite shimmer to it. That's really the best explanation I can give.

[Why hello there]

It applied very evenly (like I have come to expect from my Essie's) and looked the same on nails as in the bottle. Unfortunately, the shimmery effect is almost impossible to catch on camera. Any tips from the seasoned point and shoot users out there?

[2 coats + Seche Vite topcoat]

[Sad attempt at capturing the shimmer]

Verdict: Obviously, stash. Chinchilly is to winter as Braziliant is to summer. A definite staple.


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