Monday, May 23, 2011

Color Club: Revvvolution

As this lovely holo post goes live I'll be nervously scampering around at my new internship with some nice lawyerly government people.  I'll be getting great experience, but I definitely can't wear the outrageous-by-normal-standards polishes that I would like to be wearing.  Especially in the summer time I love to wear attention grabbing polishes.  To ease the pain I swatched Color Club Revvvolution tonight.  Clearly this is polish is everything that a work friendly polish should not be (sparkly, eye catching, holo-ey, black - you name it), so obviously I love it.  I am waiting to acquire OPI My Private Jet (holo version), and this is my go to until that miraculous day arrives.

Revvvolution, like all Color Clubs, is 4-free and comes in a heavy squared bottle.  The brush is relatively thin and pretty firm, but it's easy to use.  This required only 2 coats, and the second coat is just for boneheaded klutzes like myself who never apply the first coat evenly.  It is a black/charcoal scattered holo with a slight linear holo effect in the right lighting.  The holo was hard to capture in my light box, but sadly the only sun I saw today was when I was forced by fire alarm to evacuate my building at 8:30 this morning.  Apparently the building didn't get the memo about this being my last sleep in day before starting work!  Eisenbrat stayed in bed and pretended it was possible to ignore the blaring sound and obnoxious voice coming through the speaker thing in her room until I told her that real fire trucks had arrived.  I still have no idea what that was about. 

Now for some pics!
2 coats Revvvolution, no top coat, artificial light
  The holo was camera shy, so I grabbed a shot with flash to make up for it.
2 coats Revvvolution, no top coat, flash
If you still don't believe me, here is an insanely zoomed in flash shot of my pinky.  There's that holo-ey goodness!
Holy Holo :)
Verdict? Definitely keeping this baby.  This will look beautiful next to my non-existent bottle of MPJ ;)

If anyone is curious, I'm rocking Butter London All Hail the Queen to work.  It has a slight holo, but is so neutral that I dare someone to tell me it is not appropriate.  Hopefully they'll all be too distracted by my new suit to care!  Any suggestions for interesting but not inappropriate polishes to wear to work on Capitol Hill?



  1. I absolutely love that last pic!!

  2. I love it too, thanks! It's such glitter goodness!