Sunday, May 22, 2011

Confetti: Dreamdate

I was roaming about CVS (one of my absolute favorite places to be), and stumbled upon a few racks of $1.99 polish. I was blown away. Nail polish for under $2?!?!? I wanted to buy every.. single.. bottle. But, I exercised restraint. Instead, I bought one polish from each brand to try.

The first brand I am testing out is Confetti. One color in particular jumped out at me. The name is Dreamdate. In the bottle it looks like a soft, shimmery pink. I immediately thought, this would be a perfect color to throw on for work - either over a base coat or another shade of pink or purple polish. For this swatch, I painted this polish over my Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat (which has a pearly white shade to it).

I was pleasantly surprised. The polish was super easy to apply and the brush is great. I used 2 coats and the color is transparent as you can see below. I am not sure adding more coats would ever yield opacity. The polish is also not as pink on, as it looks in the bottle. But there are pretty gold sparkles running throughout which I like. The picture doesn't capture how shimmery the polish actually is. Instead, in a weird way, it seems to make my nails look yellow-ish? But trust me, in person, the gold is eye-catching and the softness of the color means it is still appropriate for my judge's chambers. Sorry I don't have a picture in natural light - I applied this polish at night, for work tomorrow, and wanted to post it right away!

1 coat Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat + 2 coats Dreamdate

same as above; but a blurry shot that shows the pretty gold shine

The final judgment on this $1.99 wonder? I like the polish, and adore the concept of - swinging by CVS for an errand and grabbing a polish on the way out. The only downside is the selection. 90% of the polishes look like something I own or don't want to own. But if you see this brand in the makeup aisle and are lucky enough to like a color you see, it's worth buying!

Sony T

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