Monday, May 16, 2011

China Glaze: Ingrid

If anyone out there lives in the DC metropolitan area - you know that it is supposed to be dreary and rainy ALL week. So I was in a blah kind of mood and wanted something that captured my blah-ness. Luckily, not long ago I went on a brown polish rampage and hadn't tried China Glaze Ingrid yet.

I am a HUGE China Glaze fan as it is, and this polish was certainly up to par. The application was generally, great. I did have some minor clumping on one nail, but I probably just didn't roll the polish enough. Color-wise, I expected this polish to be darker on my nails but instead - it is a warm brown with gray/mauve undertone and a super fine gold shimmer. Because it was so yucky out, I wasn't able to capture the gold prettyness in the picture. But believe me, its there! In fact you can even see the lighter specks throughout the polish in the natural light picture that shine in the light.

1 coat Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat + 2 coats Ingrid + 1 coat Seche Vite, artificial light

1 coat Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat + 2 coats Ingrid + 1 coat Seche Vite, natural lighting

All in all, this polish is definitely a win. Is it a must-have? Maybe not. But if you need an extra polish to qualify for free shipping, or happen to stroll by this polish at your local beauty store - grab it! You won't be disappointed.

- Sony T


  1. I just found Ingrid this weekend on sale for $2.99! I'm going to *try* to wait until fall to use it (and pretend it's new then) but I'll probably use it later this week :)

  2. You will LOVE it!! And I highly doubt you will wait alllllllllll the way til fall to use it =) Enjoy!