Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's cut-off "Hearts" and FOTD

Happy Valentine's Day!  It really sucks that Valentine's Day is during the week, but I took the opportunity to make it feel special anyways.  I tried to do some hearts on my nails and at least a few people could tell what I was going for.  For this I did a base of 2 coats of Essie Navigate Her.  Navigate Her is a pastel lime creme polish.  Make sure you let the first coat dry all the way, because it is easy to mess up to first coat.  The first coat is super patchy but it looks lovely after the second coat.
Cut off hearts! artificial light
I used China Glaze Millennium for the base heart shape because it does a great job of disguising the imperfections in real life.  I topped it off with OCC Grandma, which really is that perfect classic pinkish red creme.  It didn't turn out perfect, but I am satisfied for a holiday mani!  I actually reallllly loved my makeup today, so you guys get to see that again.  I know I have no expertise, but it's definitely becoming a new hobby.

Valentine's FOTD
I hope you all had a lovely day and got to spend it with someone special (Even if that means family or friends!)

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