Sunday, February 12, 2012

Confused Gobstoppers and a FOTD

Hey everyone!  I hope you have all had a nice weekend and that you are somewhere a bit warmer than here. Tonight I have one of those manicures that looks better in real life than in a photograph, but I think you will still be able to appreciate it.  I still stuck with my blue/green colors because I haven't been able to get enough of them.  This design was actually inspired by the everlasting gobstopper mani (found here).  However, I hadn't looked at it for a few hours and I never read the tutorial part, so I ended up with something a fair bit different looking, but fun all the same. 
Quasi-gobstopper mani + topcoat in artificial light
For this I started with a coat of China Glaze Millennium, which is way more reflective in real life.  Millennium is an amazing silver/chrome polish that doesn't show any brush strokes.  Then I did my best to add a coat of OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui without ruining the shape.  I added one more coat of Millennium after that.  The inside of the mani and last coat of polish is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Echo.  This one was a bit harder for me and ended up a little uneven.  The good thing here though was that Millennium is so reflective that it completely distracts from any of the imperfections that show up in the photo.  I really like how this turned out even though it isn't want I had planned on.  Other people couldn't believe that I had painted it myself and I even had strangers grabbing my hands randomly to ask where I had it done!  I might try it with Valentine's colors tomorrow.

On another note, I have another FOTD to share and wont bore with how I did it unless someone is curious.  I just thought this look was fun and converted easily from part of a put together daytime look to a fun night out look! Sorry that my hair was still wet, but I let it dry naturally and it rarely ever is dry when I run out the door.