Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Coral and Mint!

Hey guys!  Hope at least some of you have today off like me!  The bf actually stayed home today as well.  He has been remarkably tolerant of my lazy monday and has sat by while I swatched my heart out.  I wanted to do some funky nail art inspired by the spring mint and coral trend that is EVERYWHERE.  I can't find jeans in coral or mint that I love yet, so I decided to stalk polyvore to come up with some mani inspiration and show you all what I meant.  I am new to polyvore, so I haven't mastered fancy organization, but I think you all will get the drift.  I haven't done the mani yet, but I have been doing swatches of all the colors I can find in my stash that are on trend.    With the hundreds of polishes in my study I am SHOCKED by how few of these colors I own.  Excuse to shop?  I think so.  Hush - don't tell the bf ;)

Anyone else on polyvore?  I need some people to follow!  So far my most on trend mint seems to be Essie Navigate Her.  Even that is a bit too pistachio to be right on trend.  What do you guys think are the best polishes for this trend?



  1. Mint Candy Apple? Turquoise and Caicos?

  2. Oh wow, I'm a total fan of these two colors as well!! A really good polish Is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet #340. If you want to see it I used it for a crackle manicure on this post :