Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spa Ritual Inner Sanctum

Hey guys!  Sorry for the delay.  The boyfriend took me for a wonderful spa afternoon, even though Irene is currently hammering down on the DC area.  Fortunately the spa was one of few things to remain open for the afternoon.  I think the world is trying to ruin my last few days before I head back to law school.  Anyways, tonight I have a new to me brand called Spa Ritual.  I've been drooling over these buttery looking polishes for some time now.  I finally caved and grabbed 2 recently.  Spa Ritual polishes are 3 Free and vegan friendly - no animal testing from these guys. 
3 coats Inner Sanctum, Nubar top coat, artificial light
Inner Sanctum is a light brown creme with redish undertones.  The formula is thin but even.  This takes 3 coats, but it isn't really bothersome.  You could also skip the 3rd coat if you don't plan on holding your fingernails up to a bright light source for inspection.  The polish dried pretty quickly as well, which is always nice.   Overall I am really pleased with this polish.  It lives up to its great reputation in the blogging world.  I can't wait to try some more!


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  1. I saw some of these polishes at a local organic grocery store. I need to pick up one.