Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cult Nails Awakening and Hypnotize Me

Hey everyone!  In the aftermath of the rather anticlimactic hurricane that passed through DC, I am forced to come to terms with the fact that I return to school tomorrow morning.  I'll be taking 14 class credit hours, and doing law journal work AND interning on my Fridays.  At this point I plan to post most days of the week, but I make no promises.  I will be trying to do enough swatches in one sitting on weekends to post for the week.   However, if I only can squeeze in 5 then I'll have to settle with 5.  Perhaps Eisenbrat or SonyT will fill in some of the gaps, but I know SonyT has even more law school stuff going on than I do and Eisenbrat has her own stuff going on.  Only time will tell, but I promise to do my best.  UGH I have a ton of reading to do already and classes haven't even started!  Now who wants to see some polish??  Today I have for you Cult Nails Awakening and Hypnotize Me from Maria's (R3Beauty) fall collection.  I pre-ordered these RIGHT when they were made available and was so excited to see them.  Cult Nails polishes are 4 Free and SO nice.

Awakening is a deep, slightly dusty, teal creme.  I really like this color and I think it mingles well with the other fall colors we've been seeing.

4 coats Awakening, no top coat, artificial light
This is the thinnest formula I've seen from Cult Nails thus far.  It needs 4 coats to be fully opaque, but the color builds well.  The 4 coats provide a depth of shine and I don't count this against the polish.  I know some people will, but to each her own.  If a polish dries fast and doesn't pool in my cuticles, I have no problems with 4 quick coats. 

Also part of Cult Nails fall collection is Hypnotize Me.  It's this light blue/green, very sheer jelly base packed with fine light blue and green glitter.  The polish is clearly meant as a top coat and as I show you this collection I will be including a swatch of it over each polish.  You'll get one with top coat and one without, because Hypnotize Me dries to a satin finish.
One coat Hypnotize Me over Awakening, no top coat, artificial light
In contrast to Awakening, Hypnotize Me is the thickest formula we've seen from Cult Nails.  I WISH it were thinner, but at the same time I still love it.  It packs SO much glitter and though you can't see it here, it tints the coat under it a bit green.  I even like the satin finish.  The good news is that this isn't difficult to apply and the satin finish makes it dry quickly. 
Awakening+Hypnotize Me+Nubar top coat, artificial light.
Adding top coat makes the green glitter stick out a bit more.  The final look reminds me of a galaxy or something.  I like it a lot.

Cult Nails polishes are available for $10 each here.



  1. WOW! such a great manicure! I am a new follower by the way! Great blog!

  2. I had this combo on the other day. It really is pretty together.

    Girl, I feel your pain. I'm taking 15 credit hours (again) and classes started for me last week. It's already hard finding time to paint my nails. Don't college know how important polish is? :)

  3. Awakening looks really nice on your skintone.