Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Models Own Pastel Pink

Hey everyone!  Happy hump day!  Sorry for the late post, but my evening plans took up some of my normal posting time.  For Pink Wednesday I have Models Own Pastel Pink.  I wanted to try a few of Models Own's colors for a while.  Like many British brands, this one comes with a hefty shipping price tag.  So for months I just coveted Models Own as I saw it on blogs all over.  Finally tumblr (see mine here) pushed me over the edge when I encountered Models Own Disco Mix.  I instantly caved and placed an order.  Unfortunately the order was perfect except for Disco Mix, which was mysteriously Bluebell.  I'm in contact with their customer service, and they will be shipping out the right polish in a week or so when it is back in stock.  I did get my Pastel Pink, which I have for you tonight.
2 coats Pastel Pink + Seche Vite, artificial light
Normally I'm not into the pastel pink thing.  It's not my style, but something about this makes me really happy that I stepped outside of my comfort zone.  However, this polish I actually like.  True to its name Pastel Pink is a pastel pink creme.  The first coat of the polish was super streaky.  The second coat smoothed everything out.  It's pretty exciting to find a pastel polish that isn't a disaster.  This polish is 3 Free and they don't test on animals (always a plus).  I did think that the brush was wonky.  I'm just not used to it though.  I felt like it was tough to get the right amount of polish on my brush.  Fortunately I seem to have gotten it right.  No harm, no foul.  I'm going to schedule another Models Own post tomorrow, as I will be leaving for NH with my boyfriend to visit my family at their lake house.  It will be brief but better than nothing!  Once the boyfriend returns to DC I'll have lots of free time in NH and will be able to post more!

Sleep tight, polish fiends~