Saturday, July 9, 2011

This one time I tried an ombre mani

Hey everyone!  Sorry I didn't post last night :(  I have been feeling a little off since I got back, and to top it off most of my nails tore very low down from the salt water at the beach.  You also might notice that I have various cuts and sores on my poor swatching hand.  I was trying to break apart some polish bottle that were stuck to a shattered polish.  My Kleancolor chunky holos came with the green shattered.  Anyways I ended up with a couple deep cuts and have glass all in my hand still.  I am hoping I can still get some swatching in tomorrow, but my hand stings and isn't exactly loking pretty at the moment. 

Anyways, I've been seeing ombre manis everywhere these days.  My collection of holo polishes is growing pretty fast, so I figured I'd combine the two trends.  It was a pretty huge fail.  I need to pick 3 holo polishes in one brand and combine the polishes so that the finishes are consistent and the fade is correct.  For this I used Glitter Gal Red on my thumb and Glitter Gal Enchanted on my pointer finger.  Then I have China Glaze Don't Be A Square on my middle finger, China Glaze Rated Holographic on my ring finger , and one of my Golden Rose holos that has lost its number sticker on my pink.  It is still pretty, but I would like to do this the right way.  I want the finishes to match!  I also want to try when my nails aren't misshapen nubbins with awful cuts.  Again, I won't review the polishes here, because that would be a little boring for both me and you. 

Ombre holo mani
I'm going to work on getting you a winner for the Nfu Oh 61 Giveaway tomorrow!  Enjoy your Saturdays!


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  1. I think it would look amazing if all of the holos were the same strength. It looks pretty good though!