Monday, July 25, 2011

Studio M Ballroom Blue

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday?  The heatwave is finally kind of breaking here.  I say kind of because it is still humid and in the mid 90s, but that beats 102 and humid!  I have a new brand to show you tonight, and I honestly wish I had more information to give you on it.  I received this from the lovely April of Concrete and Nail Polish and Medusa's Threads.  She is a fantastic blogger and polish seller!  I am SO grateful, because this may be one of my new favorite colors that I am going to wear this fall.  This is Studio M Ballroom Blue.  Yes - I said "blue."  This is a deep grey tinged blue creme that almost looks black.  It has that smokey undertone that is huge in this Fall's upcoming colors.  I think (from looking at the packaging) that this is 3 Free.  I know it contains Camphor, which can cause irritation.  However, I have never had an issue. 
2 coats Ballroom Blue + Seche Vite, artificial light
Ballroom blue was almost a 1 coater and a dream to apply.  My boyfriend was being his fidgety self next to me on the bed, but I still managed to have a perfectly smooth mani that required no clean up!   The bottle is a tall thin rectangular prism that sits perfectly in your hand as you paint, and the round gold cap is super easy to hold.  I think this is an affordable brand and I definitely want more.  I think I'm going to jazz this up with some nail art tonight :)