Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nubar Jewel

Hey guys!  Just a quick post because I'm feeling a little uninspired by the swatches I have saved up.  This is Nubar Jewel.  It's a a pale coppery metallic base with fine scattered holographic glitter.  It's 3 free and relatively easy to apply.  NO - you aren't imagining that my fingers, particularly my pinky, are tinted green.  I don't know what I was swatching before this, but I don't think it was green.  Weird!  Anyways this is a nice polish.  I wasn't expecting it to have holographic glitter, but it does.  Pleasant surprise!
2 coats Jewel, no top coat, artificial light
 For some reason I didn't swatch this with top coat.  It needs it.  This looks totally gritty in the above photo.  It has impressive lumps for just 2 coats of polish considering the glitter is really fine.  The flash picture below catches the glitter better. 
2 coats Jewel, no top coat, flash
Part of me likes this, but part of me is very against this polish.  I guess I need to try it again!


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