Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nail Art: Shower Together w/ Orly Stripes

 Hey everyone - I hope you're enjoying your weekends!  For the last 24 hours I've been obsessing over Tumblr.  I am so impressed by the awesome stuff that pops up so quickly, especially the nail stuff!  I saw some really cool striped manis today that inspired me to try out some of my new Orly Instant Artist nail art polishes.  I used China Glaze Shower Together as my base color,  I meant to grab some solo pics of Shower together, but uuhhh yea I forgot.  It's a great bright blue creme with an incredible formula.  It applies in buttery smooth coats and built up to a great shiny pop of color in 3 thin coats. 
3 coats Shower Together with Orly Rose and Dark Purple stripes + Seche Vite, artificial light
 After a few minutes I grabbed the nail art polishes.  I wasn't sure how many colors I would do originally so I started with the obvious match, purple.  These Orly artist colors are awesome.  Some nail art polishes are too transparent but these are solid over everything!  They applied smoothly and the long thin brush was easy to manage.  The bottles are long thin versions of the regular polishes, right down to the grippy polish cap.

3 coats Shower Together with Orly Rose and Dark Purple stripes + Seche Vite, artificial light
 My first few tries ended up really crooked so I threw an extra coat of Shower Together over to hide the botched stripes.  I eventually got more steady and although the lines aren't perfect I think they are just how I want them.  I left it at 2 colors so that I wouldn't ruin a good thing!  After a minute I slapped on some Seche Vite and now I have my perfect Saturday night mani.  I just hopped on ebay to grab some more colors of the Orly Instant Artist polishes so that I can do whatever color combos I desire.

Hope you like it!  Enjoy your weekends and be safe :)


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  1. I love Shower Together! Best. Blue. Ever. Maybe lol. I've never seen the Orly art polishes. So neat!