Saturday, May 21, 2011

Revlon Top Speed, Peachy

I hope everyone is having a nice Saturday!  DC has finally emerged from the terrible weather funk that wouldn't quit last week.  I know I promised more holo, but that will have to wait for later.  I grabbed some sunlight pics of last night's Nfu Oh 61 mani, but I managed to leave my camera in Eisenbrat's car and she is napping.  I also wasted all of the sunlight on a polish shopping spree at Ulta and Ross.  Oops.  At least I got LOTS of lovely polishes to swatch.  Unfortunately I filled up my Helmer... I imagine the bf will be planning an intervention for me soon rather than helping me get another one! 

Today I have Revlon Top Speed in Peachy.  Revlon polishes are 3 Free and come in a distinct bottle with the flat slanted top to the grip.  Revlon claims that you need no base coat or top coat, so I went without either.  I didn't do any wear test yet, but I intend to do so during my internship which starts next week.  Clearly this polish doesn't need a top coat for appearance purposes.  This beauty is super shiny au naturale.  Peachy is in fact a peachy light pink/orange creme.  It applies really easily and I am a big fan. 
2 coats, no top coat, shade
This is one of those colors you can wear out knowing that your polish isn't totally crazy but will garner lots of compliments anyway.  Peachy is a great Spring/Summer color and I definitely would recommend trying this out if you can snag it during one of CVS's beauty sales. 
2 coats, no top coat, natural light
Verdict? I will definitely keep this one stashed!

I'm off to see the new Pirates movie tonight, but I will throw some holo pics up later if I can.

Enjoy your weekends!



  1. Loooooove so much peachy colors! And that's that you wear is soooo sweet!
    Uhhhh love the pirates, but to see the movie in my country i have to wait again 2 weeks :/

  2. Thanks! It's definitely worth the wait!