Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI DS Sapphire

I'm in back to DC mode today, and the weather is disgusting.  As a pick me up I thought I'd share OPI DS Sapphire.  Holo goodness always cheers me up!  I apologize in advance for my amateur attempt to capture the lovely linear holo in this polish.  OPI DS Sapphire is a 3-Free light blue gentle linear holo with a hint of lilac flash.  This little gem is a bit camera shy, but I included some close ups and bottle pics to demonstrate the effect that I couldn't seem to capture in shots of my mani.  This was easier to apply than holos like GOSH Holographic, but not as easy as non-holo polishes.  This was 4 coats using the sandwich approach, which I find really effective.  Since top coat tends to ruin holo effects, I started with Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat and followed up with a thin coat of OPI regular top coat (any thin one will due).  Then I applied to more holo coats.  VOILA!

4 sandwich coats - natural light

artificial light

look at the holo!

It's even spectacular in the bottle

Verdict? Stash - duh.  I'm a holo fiend!  I can't wait to get home because Nfu Oh 61 is waiting for me with some other sweet finds.

Does anyone else crave all things holo?  Do you have any tips for capturing the effect on camera??


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