Wednesday, May 25, 2011

InStyle: America's Most Wanted Nail Polish

So I was browsing the web during my make-shift lunch break today in chambers, and stumbled upon this article. The article is called America's Most Wanted Nail Polish and is a breakdown of the "top nail polish colors from coast to coast."

Here are the findings:
New York City - Gray Green - Chanel Black Pearl
Boston - Deep Purple - RGB Plum
Philly - Crimson Red - OPI Malaga Wine
DC - Fire Engine Red - OPI Big Apple Red
Atlanta - Baby Pink - OPI Passion
Chicago - Greige (gray + beige) - Essie Chinchilly
Dallas - Charcoal - Essie Smokin' Hot
Scottsdale - Opalescent Red - OPI An Affair in Red Square
LA - Greige (gray + beige) - Essie Chinchilly (yes..... LA has the same polish obsession as NYC)
San Fran - Cotton Candy Pink - Essie Sugar Daddy

I live in Washington, DC and I am not too sure I buy into "fire engine red" being our top polish color? But maybe I am just bitter because my OPI Big Apple Red bottle sealed shut and when i tried to open it, I cracked the top off and ended up throwing the polish away. Do you live in or near any of these cities? If so, what do you think of what this article has to say?

Sony T

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  1. I live in the SF Bay Area and we are definitely not cotton candy pink people!! More like blacks and blues, haha