Saturday, August 6, 2011

Izzy's Skittle Zebra Mani

Hey guys!  I'm giving this another try from my sister's computer.  The internet is slower than a dial up connection here and it is SO frustrating.  I wanted to show you the magical creation that my 13 year old sister, Izzy, created all by herself.  She is definitely the natural artist of the family, because this would have been far beyond me, and may still be.  She used the Models Own/WAH black striper polish.  She has some nice under-polishes in there, like Models Own Green Grass, some new Nicole by OPIs, Butter London Wallis, and Nfu Oh 65 or 66, I'm not sure what she used. 

Izzy's Skittle Zebra Mani
She really did a great job!  She also is pretty adept at painting her own nails!  Maybe it runs in the family.    Anyways, my boyfriend and I are up in NH at my family's lake house.  We're relaxing and doing lots of activities.  I'll post some pictures to show you what this place is all about later for those who care.  Well I will if the internet will work again.  For now I will leave you with a picture of the family dog, Charlie "Chunk." You'll see he has found a stick, or maybe a small tree.  He is a great dog, but you have to keep something in his mouth or he gets excited and tries to nibble on your clothing or elbows.  He's a bonehead.  Good thing he's pretty freaking adorable!
Charlie "Chunk" Stolper
More later!


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