Monday, July 18, 2011

Ginger & Liz: New Money

Hey guys!  I hope you survived your Monday.  They can be so darn long.  At least tomorrow is something to look forward to.  I get to go see Justice Scalia speak at an intern lecture in the Supreme Court.  I'm pretty lucky!  I'm still rocking my rhinestone flower mani, and I'm actually going to leave it on since it took a lot of patience for me to complete it.  Tonight I have Ginger & Liz New Money.  I wore this last week when I was in the hospital, and I got A LOT of compliments.  New Money is medium teal creme that leans more towards the green side of the spectrum than the blue. 

Ginger & Liz polishes are 4 free and don't test on animals.  The bottles are similar in shape to the Essie bottle, but less rounded and have a black cap.  SOME of them are grippy like Orly, and some are not.  I think they must have switched recently-ish or something like that.  Either cap is perfectly suited to the awesome brush featuring just under 400 strands.  Like all of Ginger & Liz's polishes this has an incredible formula.  It is perfectly opaque in 2 coats and only needs Seche Vite to make it last, because this is a super shiny polish.
2 coats New Money + Seche Vite, artificial light
It actually seems like I don't have any dupes to this beauty.  That's always great because I don't have to feel guilty about stashing this.  Well I wouldn't get rid of this or any Ginger & Liz polish anyway!!

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