Friday, May 27, 2011

Wet & Wild: Red Tape

After reading the article I posted earlier this week (posted it on May 25th for your reference!!), I figured I'd try "fire engine red" out for size. It's supposed to be DC's favorite color, so why not give it a shot right? Luckily, I grabbed a $1.99 bottle of Wet & Wild Red Tape at CVS a week ago and I must admit, I am VERY pleasantly surprised.

3 coats Wet & Wild Red Tape + 1 coat Seche Vite (no base coat, couldn't find it in my mess of polish!!)

This color is gorgeous to say the least. It is a warm, orangey red. Reminds me of the inside of a red tulip - random comparison, I know. But the boyfriend surprised me the other night with GORGEOUS part-yellow, part-red tulips and I can't help but think my nails kinda match =)

The bottle is kind of small and a little difficult to grip because of that, but the brush is thick and very malleable. Only need one stroke, maybe two - and you're all set (yes, I know, that's what she said..... but I really couldn't think of how else to phrase that)!! The coverage is also pretty good. I do have some VNL (that you can't really see in the picture) - but next time I use this polish, I'll just throw on a coat of light pink or even white underneath and that should do the trick.

Moral of this story? Don't rule out these bargain polishes and don't rule out "fire engine red." Hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend! And Shbecky, you will LOVE Chicago. It may be my favorite city, EVER.

Sony T

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